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South Coast Garlic
The Garlic Clinic
'chemical free' on south coast

The Garlic Clinic - aims to provide the best 'chemical free' garlic
on the South Coast.

We have taken the very best bulbs AND planted them into our own gorgeous mix of local compost to ensure the flavours are all there.

Garlic Braids
Aussie Garlic

The Garlic Clinic
the Garlic Clinic, are focused on providing you with highest quality garlic.
our brogo property - we are lucky to have an amazing plot of land to produce our own home grown garlic and offer it to the public 'chemical free'.

With our pristine gullies the freshest cleanest water runs most of the year - this enables us to keep what goes into our garlic 'chemical free'.  No sprays have been used in the production of our garlic crop.  We don't eat foods sprayed with chemicals - so why should you.

Our soil's are ideal for garlic to produce the tangy peppery taste that is so important for your culinary creations to come alive.
Slice some in to your salad - you are missing a real treat if you have not tried this.

We know like minded people are concerned about what goes into the production of our foods.  There is an enormous amount of information available enabling us to find out what, how and who makes our foods.  Because of our passion for this knowledge we have ensured that the creation of our garlic patch is the absolute best it can be. this includes soil ecology, water quality the health of the clove and its history before we plant.  We have enjoyed our journey to get to this point where we are able to grow a healthy, sustainable crop without the use of chemicals or anything else that shouldn't be in the production of good honest food.  Enjoy!​