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South Coast Garlic
The Garlic Clinic
'chemical free' on south coast

The Garlic Clinic - aims to provide the best 'chemical free' garlic
on the South Coast.

We have taken the very best bulbs AND planted them into our own gorgeous mix of local compost to ensure the flavours are all there.

Garlic Braids
Aussie Garlic

Australian Black Garlic

How Is Black Garlic Produced?

It is made by heating whole garlic bulbs (Allium Sativum) over a few weeks until black.  Black garlic is sweet meets savoury.  It has a caramally like richness with tangy garlic undertones.  Just delicious.

Why Black Garlic?

Black Garlic first appeared in Taoist mythology - it was rumoured to grant immortality. (ref: Wikipedia)

Black garlic is full of rich anti oxidants and is widely hailed as a health supplement to any diet.

Black Garlic

Pasture Fed Beef
Australian Black Garlic - Its all in the Flavour
Pasture Fed Lamb

Who could resist the overwhelming aromatic flavour of Fermented garlic with your very own pasture fed beef and lamb.  How about beautiful black garlic cloves sprinkled straight into your favourite salad.  you wont be able to stop at one. 

We have been breeding Black Angus vealers for 12 years and dorper lambs for six years.  

Although we sell all of our vealers either privately or through the saleyards - we always keep one for ourselves.  To eat pasture fed beef from your own property cannot be beaten.

We always endeavour to grow as much produce of our own where we can and source what we can't from local growers.

You can find one of our facebook pages 'Real Food for Real People' and follow us there.

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