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South Coast Garlic
The Garlic Clinic
'chemical free' on south coast

The Garlic Clinic - aims to provide the best 'chemical free' garlic
on the South Coast.

We have taken the very best bulbs AND planted them into our own gorgeous mix of local compost to ensure the flavours are all there.

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Aussie Garlic

Harvesting 2017

!Harvest Success

We have now finished our 2017 harvest of our bumper crop of garlic.  It took Adam and myself 17 days to complete the hand pulling of 42,000 bulbs from our patch (we had a little help at the end).  The sizing was terrific - the quality of the bulb was spot on and now the curing process has begun with gusto!

We have had terrific drying weather that the garlic needs and loves to perform its last operation of curing before it is sent to YOU - our customers.

We know you will enjoy the end product as we have in producing it for you.  Please feel free to leave us a message letting us know what you think and we thank YOU for your custom.