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South Coast Garlic
The Garlic Clinic
'chemical free' on south coast

The Garlic Clinic - aims to provide the best 'chemical free' garlic
on the South Coast.

We have taken the very best bulbs AND planted them into our own gorgeous mix of local compost to ensure the flavours are all there.

Garlic Braids
Aussie Garlic


The Garlic Clinic has selected the very best bulbs for planting this year's 2018 crop.  Our cultivars are - Russian Elephant; Australian Monaro Red; Italian White; Aussie Purple (or purple stripe) and Italian Red.
We commence planting about the 10th April and will continue for about 7 - 10 days.  After we have cracked the bulbs (by hand), we hand plant every single clove.  This process enables us to see exactly the condition of each clove prior to planting.  If there are any defects that we can sight - they are removed. 
We soak our cloves in a seaweed and bi-carb soak the night before.  Why do we soak?  The organic seaweed gives the cloves an immense kick start at planting.  We have evidenced from last years crop the enormous difference it makes with soaked -v- non soaked cloves, half of which were soaked.  the robust healthy plants whose sizing was outstanding.  Out of 42,000 cloves that's alot of difference.  The Bi-Carb is to kill off any nasties your cloves may have picked up whilst sitting in the shed waiting to be planted.  Usually mould that can sit on the skins.  We will upload photos as we progress through our planting next week and hope you get some tips for your garlic growing too.  Good luck!

2018 Cultivars