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The Garlic Clinic
'chemical free' on south coast

The Garlic Clinic - aims to provide the best 'chemical free' garlic
on the South Coast.

We have taken the very best bulbs AND planted them into our own gorgeous mix of local compost to ensure the flavours are all there.

Garlic Braids
Aussie Garlic

New (but kinda old) Garlic Recipes

Super easy recipes for you to try out.
Bruschetta Bread - Super Easy and the taste is to die for.

- Three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
- One teaspoon of good quality italian balsamic vinegar
- Half spanish onion (chopped coarsely)
- Three to four cloves of garlic (crushed)
- Three small tomatoes (diced)
- One good handful of Fresh Parsley (chopped fine)

Once you have chopped, diced and crushed the above pop all of it straight into a bowl and gently mix with a fork.  Fork it out onto your favourite lightly toasted bread. Yummo!
Black Garlic - Now this one is super super easy but you've gotta have patience.

All you need are whole GARLIC bulbs! About 14 medium sized bulbs will fit nicely into a five litre slow cooker.
Double wrap your bulbs (six to a bundle) in alfoil.  Place the bundles (usually only 2 x 6 bulbs plus one x two bulbs bundles) will fit into your cooker.

Pop your slow cooker on SLOW COOK!  Do not turn off your slow cooker at night etc.

Wait for around 21 days.  Once slow cooked - Remove from alfoil and leave on wire rack out of the sun, but with good air circulation for about another week.

You will not stop at one.

Roasted Garlic - You cannot get a simpler way of eating garlic and enjoying its enormous benefits.

You will need;

As many medium sized bulbs of garlic that you can eat with your favourite roast, this is what I do;

Four - six medium sized garlic bulbs.  Cut off tops of whole bulb .  Generous drizzle of olive oil or melted lamb fat directly onto your bulbs.  Lightly sprinkle black pepper and salt flakes,

Bake for the duration of your roast.

EAT!! We definitely don't stop at one.
Pickled Garlic - This really super easy recipe is used to preserve your garlic to ensure you have a supply throughout our Aussie winters where you cannot buy Aussie garlic.  Good luck

To make a batch of about 16 jars of 250g jars, you will need;

16 small jam/honey jars;
Approximately 750g of cracked garlic bulbs (leave skin on);
Six cups of white wine vinegar (organic if you can get it);
Half a cup of brown or raw sugar (I use organic);
One tablespoon of table salt (again, I use good quality salt flakes);
About 1/4 teaspoon Fennel seeds;
About 1/4 (or a bit less) of crushed chilli flakes;
About 1/4 teaspoon of Mustard seeds;
One fresh Rosemary spike (per jar); and finally,
Habanero peppers (cut in half) - Only put half pepper per jar.
Pop your white wine vinegar, sugar and salt into a pot - Put some heat under it, but only to melt the sugar and the salt.
Pop your garlic into your jars, leaving a bit of room at the top.  Measure out your herbs and spices into each jar with your Rosemary spike and Habanero pepper.
Slowly pour your white wine vinegar mixture into each jar ensuring you cover the tops of your garlic inside the jar.  Put your lid on nice and tight (wipe any excess from the jar first).
I usually sit my jars at the bottom and at the rear of the fridge until I am ready to eat.
Like any pickled vegetable - leaving it for a few weeks in your fridge enhances the flavours added through your spices and softens the garlic flavour.  Such a delight with any meal.